Do I have to compete?

As an athletics club, our focus is on developing athletes to compete for, and represent the club.

We understand that competition is not for everyone, but would encourage every athlete to try it at least once. Speak to your coach, who will tell you what is available, and when.

Where do I find the details of competitions?

The NEWS and EVENTS pages of this site will have details of competitions. You can also ask your coach.

What should I wear to compete?

Athletes must wear the club vest when competing and they can be purchased on club training nights.

When competing in the regional or Welsh competitions you must ensure that there are no big logos on your kit.

Running spikes are not compulsory for competition, although they are recommended.

What spikes do I need?

An all-round or endurance track spike is ideal for new runners. As you get older and start to specialise in certain events, you may need other spikes, but this is not essential. Athletes wear trainers when competing in shot put and discus.

Your coach will be able to recommend the right type of running spike for you.

Where can I view my results?

Welsh Athletics always publishes competition results on their website.

The best way to keep track is to create an account on theĀ Power of 10 website as all competition results are automatically uploaded there. It will list your PBs and your UK ranking when you reach a certain standard.

It is recommended that you create an account if you are going to compete.

Medical conditions

If you are asthmatic or have any medical conditions for which you take regular medication, please ensure that you make us (Coach / Club Official) aware as we may need to declare it during competitions, in line with UK Athletics Doping Policies.

This is especially important when competing in Regional and National level competitions.

Any medication that athletes are taking should be checked on the Globaldro website.